How I, a poor sleeper, could fall asleep in 15 minutes

May - 06 2022

*AI translate* The title sounds like something from a long time ago, but it is exactly what it says…It is desi […]

Record the Guitar

Feb - 06 2022

The IR cabinet of Amplitube 5 is probably better than the cabinet emulator of IRT-STUDIO, but I’m not su […]


Feb - 05 2022

I’m disappointed that there’s no recall attached. Link is SSL SiX Desktop Mixer

Muteki no Princess – RUKI

Dec - 27 2020

Lyrics: Kouzuki Manami(@manami_kouzuki)Compose: Takanashi Keita(@coca_corey)Sing: RUKI (@RukirinTV@xrukichanxe […]

3rd vote is done

Dec - 02 2020

The song that was chosen.

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